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The origin of this road dates back to medieval times, when the Marquis Bonifacio Del Vasto (Savona, 1055 ca – 1125 ca), descendant of Aleramo, founder of the dynasty, got possession of a vast territory between Western Liguria and Lower Piedmont. The road was created to connect the small town of Gorzegno to the newborn Castle and the bend of the river that flows under the hill. The stone walls on either side of the hill are still there, leading to the slopes of the hill, where the road narrows and climbs up to the majestic tower.

Once up there, the road branches off to the right, towards the entrance to the castle, the church of S. Martino and the ancient village. On the left, the road descends again towards the village along terraces of dry-stone walls, once cultivated. The same road then forks off towards the Old Mill, built in 1569, or climbs up along the ridge to reach the hamlet of Costa, a group of houses dating back to various periods, from 1400 to 1700.